Pinnacle Studio: Cannot locate installed Motion Graphics/Animated Overlays

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Cannot locate installed Motion Graphics/Animated Overlays

When I do the installation of Motion Graphics/Animated Overlay using the EXE file(that comes with purchase), it says, it finishes installing the content, but there is no folder created on Desktop.


Motion Graphics/Animated Overlays are .mov video files. Motion Graphics/Animated Overlay installer(EXE file) creates a folder on Desktop, with the same name as Motion Graphics/Animated Overlay, and extract the .mov video files in that folder.


If you are not able to locate the Motion Graphics/Animated Overlay folder on Desktop, then make sure that your Desktop location is not set on OneDrive. You should stop backing up 'Desktop' and 'Documents' folders in OneDrive and update your folder selections in OneDrive Settings. Please refer to the article below.



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