CorelDRAW: No fonts were found

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CorelDRAW crashes when launches with error message "No fonts were found"

or receiving error 5000.


Corrupted Corel font database


Resetting the font diabase should fix the issue.

• Go to Start
• Click Run
• Type %appdata% and press Enter
• Open the Corel folder
• Right-click the FontDatabase and choose Rename
• Change the name to FontDatabase.old
• Hold down the F8 key on the keyboard.
• With the F8 key depressed, launch Corel Font Manager xxx.
• The following message will appear:
• Are you sure you want to overwrite the workspace with the factory defaults?
• Click Yes and release the F8 key.

xxxx- refers to CDGS version
Steps above works for CDGS 2017 and the latest version.

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