Painter Essentials 8 installation issue: Your system has not been modified

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Unable to install Painter Essentials 8 with error message "Your system has not been modified"


There are Painter Essentials 8 left over registry entries from a previous installation, still present.


You'll need to manually remove them and then reinstall Painter Essentials 8

Below are the locations which you should look and clear Painter Essentials 8. Look specifically for entries related to Essentials 8; if you have earlier versions, other entries will exist.


Installed folder location (default):
C:\Program Files\Corel


User File location:
C:\Users\<accountname>\AppData\Roaming\Corel\Painter Essentials 8


All Users File location:

(C:\ProgramData or C:\Users\All Users) C:\Users\All Users\Corel\Painter Essentials 8


Installer .msi components: C:\Windows\Installer folder

This is a hidden folder, so you will need to type the path directly in a Windows Explorer window, or Run command.

Set the display of the Windows Explorer window to show Details. Right-click on the column headings (e.g. Name) and enable the Title column. Click the Title heading to sort by title and scroll to the Corel installed applications.

If there are any related Painter Essentials 8 .msi files, do not delete them, as they will need to be uninstalled one at a time. To uninstall them, right-click on each and choose ‘Uninstall’. Repeat this until no more Painter Essentials 8 .msi files are listed.

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