Install: Cannot see next or back, continue or finish button in installer window

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Cannot see next or back, continue or finish button in installer window


In Windows, the Scale & Layout is set to enlarge the text and icons on screen.


Method 1) Resize the content of the installer window to show the buttons

  1. Launch the installer / uninstaller.  Use Ctrl - / Ctrl +
  2. Click into the install / uninstall window
  3. Press Ctrl - to make the content in the window smaller so that one can see the Continue / Next / Back buttons in the lower right.
  4. One can press Ctrl + to enlarge text if needed.

Method 2) temporarily Set Scale & Layout to 100%

  1. Right-click on the Desktop
  2. Choose Display Settings from the context menu
  3. Scroll down to "Scale and Layout". Note the current setting.
  4. Change the setting to 100%,
  5. Complete the install / uninstall operation(s).
  6. After the install / uninstall(s), return to the Display Settings, and set the Scale and Layout back to where it was before.


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