OLE Error when inserting graphics into WordPerfect + Presentations won't launch

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User receives OLE error when inserting a graphic into WordPerfect.

User cannot open Presentations. When pressing Alt+Tab after trying to open Presentations, they see an error message on the Alt-Tab rotation, but cannot make the message come onto the screen.

Error message says that the registry entries for Presentations are damaged and to reinstall Presentations.


Damaged software prevents the insertion of graphics into WordPerfect and the use of Presentations.


Method 1) Attempt a repair via Apps:

  1. Press Win+X
  2. Choose Apps & Features, wait for the list to populate
  3. Click on WordPerfect Office
  4. Click on Uninstall
  5. Click on Uninstall again
  6. Choose Repair, click Next.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  8. Retry WordPerfect and Presentations.

If this method does not work, close setup and proceed to method 2. If it does work, skip method 2.

Method 2) Repair from Command Prompt:

  1. Click start
  2. Type cmd
  3. Right click on Command Prompt in the search results, select "Run as administrator"
  4. Type the following and press enter: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\WordPerfect Office 2021\Setup"
    1. NOTE: This path may differ if you're using a version of WordPerfect other than version 2021!
  5. Type the following and press enter: setup.exe /qn /f
  6. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard.
  7. If you see Show more in the lower left, click it.
  8. Click Details at the top.
  9. Locate Setup.exe in the list. Wait for it to exit/finish.
  10. When Setup is done, retry WordPerfect and Presentations.

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