Painter 2023 - Reasons to Upgrade

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Painter 2023 - Reasons to Upgrade 


Create the smoothest strokes with Fluid Paint 

Gently build up paint, blend, sculpt, glaze, add texture and reflective light easily with Fluid Paint—the innovative new technology that gives you unmatched opacity control and smoothness in your brush strokes.  

Combining Painter’s unparalleled blending with opacity control, the new Fluid brushes are built to take advantage of layer transparency, enabling you to build up and combine paint softly with reduced dab or stroke overlap.  

The curated Fluid Brushes will help you quickly dive into the power of this technology for digital or traditional looks. Easily add and blend paint in ultra-smooth strokes to sculpt your composition with greater control and reveal more or less grain to give your art textural interest. Highly versatile, and powerful, these brushes can not only address pain points for comic, concept and storyboard artists who are trying to achieve hyper smooth, airbrushing or glazing, but also delight traditional artists giving them wet, oily textures and more natural blending. 

Witness the evolution of Painter’s brushing engine with better edge quality, better anti-aliasing, better blending, more opacity, and grain control, which means the smoothest and most velvety brush strokes ever.  


Repaint, edit, and adjust faster with improved selections 

Painter® 2023 offers a more intuitive selections workflow, by enhancing visibility of selected areas, bringing critical controls forward, and improving most used Selection tools.  

Visualize better - A color overlay option has been added to selection tools for improved visibility of selected areas. Especially useful for selections with complex shapes and transparency, the overlay helps to speed up the creation, editing, and refinement of your selection. Further you can also customize overlays and save them as presets for particular projects. Visualize only marquee, only overlay, or both, as per your preference. Additionally, a new cursor for Lasso and Polygonal is easier to see and helps select precisely.  

Access controls easily - Speed up your workflows with the new Selection Panel that gives you quick access to all controls while performing selection-intensive tasks. Quickly feather your selections with a handy slider in the property bar and adjust up to 2000px.  

Work faster - You can now use improved keyboard shortcuts to switch from addition or subtractive selection modes. A selection is auto-applied when creating a mask and several other enhancements will make your interactions with Selections faster and more predictable.  


NEW! Select areas based on color with brushes 

Combine the power of a Magic Wand and the versatility of a Selection Brush to quickly select portions of an image based on color. The new Color Selection gives you complete control as you brush over areas of the same color to create a selection. Then easily change colors, lighting, add textures or effects to the selected area. 

Pick a Selection Brush of any shape and enable the Color Selection option on the property bar, or simply choose a pre-built Color Selection brush. Select areas on your canvas based on color. Grab more or less of an area by easily adjusting color and brightness tolerance with handy sliders. 

In addition, color selection brushes offer the ability to have both hard (aliased) or smooth (anti-aliased) edges, so you can work with artwork of different styles. 


User-requested enhancements  

We strive to deliver on our promise of making improvements based on your helpful suggestions. To make your painting experience more rewarding, we have improved some existing features in Painter 2023. Users will benefit from easier image placements and center alignment, improved responsiveness while using square bracket keys to resize brushes, Magic Wand, Paint Bucket and Dropper tools, remembering last used settings, and precise gradient filling tools for an unforgettable painting experience. 

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