Pinnacle Studio 26: NewBlue FX Effects Support

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Installing Pinnacle Studio 26 on a system where Pinnacle Studio 22 or previous Pinnacle Studio versions are already present, Pinnacle Studio 26 shows NewBlue FX effects with watermarks.

NewBlue FX effects are not bundled with Pinnacle Studio 26. Importing NewBlue FX effects from Pinnacle Studio 22 and earlier versions are officially not supported, and there might be watermarks on NewBlue FX effects.

NOTE: NewBlue FX effects bundled with Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate are supported with Pinnacle Studio 26, if Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate is already installed in the system, then Pinnacle Studio 26 installer will pick up NewBlue FX effects from there and display for use in Pinnacle Studio 26.

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