WordPerfect: Manual feed (envelope, cards, etc) prints an extra page

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When printing from the manual feed tray on a printer capable of duplexing (two-sided printing), the printer feeds an extra blank sheet after one-page jobs, and sometimes after multi-page jobs.


Two-sided printing is enabled in the printer driver, WordPerfect, or both.


There are multiple ways to address this depending on the workflow needed. Options one and two are best if one rarely prints two-sided documents.  These options turn off two-sided printing by default.

Option three shows how to turn off two-sided printing on a per-envelope basis, while leaving it on as the default for all other WordPerfect documents.

1) Set the Print Driver to default to single sided printing:

  1. Click on your Windows menu and search for Printers & Scanners, then open Printers & Scanners.
  2. Click on the printer you would like.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. Click Printing Preferences.
  5. Change the 2-Sided Printing to 1-Sided for that printer.

2) Set WordPerfect to default to single sided printing:

  1. Open WordPerfect. If WordPerfect was open when you completed the steps above, save your work, then close and reopen WordPerfect.
  2. Type a few letters into WordPerfect
  3. Click File, Print
  4. Click the Layout Tab
  5. Under Two-Sided Printing, choose "Off"
  6. Click the Main tab at the top
  7. Click Edit Settings
  8. Ensure that "Layout" has a checkmark beside it on white background.
    1. If it does not, click on the checkbox until it is a black checkmark on a white background.
  9. Ensure the "Name for current settigns" field at the top reads "[Application Default]"
  10. Click "Save". If "Save" is greyed out, just close the edit settings window.


You can still print double-sided by choosing the Layout tab when you print and selecing Book or Tablet.

3) Print individual envelopes single sided:

  1. Open WordPerfect and any documents you're working with.
  2. If you have an address on screen, select it.
  3. Click Format, Envelope...
  4. Edit / correct the addresses and select the envelope size
  5. Click Create New
  6. Click File > Print (or click the print button on the task bar)
  7. Click the Layout tab at the top of the print dialog
  8. Enable Off under "Two-sided printing"
  9. Click Print

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