Roxio Toast 20: User Guide

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Toast 20 Titanium/Pro user guide

The full online user manual can be easily accessed from within the Toast 20 app itself.

Simply launch your Toast 20 app, go to the Help menu and select "Toast 20/Pro Help". This should open a page with a link to the Toast 20 user guide itself, along with user guides for the "Extras" apps bundled with Toast 20.

Toast 20 offline user guide

If you need access to the Toast 20 user guide but are in an area with poor or no Internet connectivity, you can download the offline version of the user guide. This is the same user guide as the online version, but can be accessed in full without the need for an Internet connection. It is packaged in a Zip file, so you will need to extract it first. Once extracted, double-click on "index.html" to access the user guide contents.

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