Roxio MyDVD: Blu-ray or AVCHD disc burning fails with "BurnerState_WritingFormat Failure"

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Your Blu-ray or AVCHD disc burning sessions end up with an error "BurnerState_WritingFormat Failure, Reason: Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Code: 3254845656".

The error persists even when you attempt to save the project as an ISO disc image file.


The program is having trouble encoding the video file to the required format.


In these cases, you can lend your MyDVD program a helping hand by converting the video file yourself in a separate process. You can do this using the Roxio File Converter, available with Creator NXT 9.

Follow the steps below to convert your video file in Roxio File Converter:

  1. Launch Creator NXT 9 and click on the Movies|Video tab on the left-hand side;

  2. Under Edit and Transfer, click on Convert Videos. The Roxio File Converter window should come up;
  3. In File Converter, you can either click on the Add button to add the video file you want to convert, or simply drag-and-drop it to the media panel under it;

  4. Select a high-definition format, such as MPEG-2 HD or MP4;
  5. Select the folder location to which you wish to save the converted file;
  6. Under the Advanced Settings section, select other format options such as the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate;
  7. If you wish, you can also change the sampling and bit rates of the audio stream.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your format settings, go ahead and click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.
  9. The progress window will indicate when the conversion process has completed.

    Click on the Open output folder to see your converted video.

You can now use this newly converted video in your Blu-ray or AVCHD disc burning project in place of the original one.

If you are using Creator NXT 8 or earlier, the Roxio File Converter program will not be available. Instead, you will have another file converter program called Video Copy & Convert, which works just as well for converting your video files. For instructions on using this program to convert your video files, please refer to this knowledgebase article.


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