Roxio: You cannot enable the Windows Memory Integrity feature because PxHlpa64.sys is not compatible

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When you try to turn on the Core isolation > Memory Integrity feature on your Windows machine, it sets itself back to Off and prompts you to review incompatible drivers and resolve them first. A file named PxHlpa64.sys is on the list of incompatible device drivers.


The PxHlpa64.sys file is part of the PxEngine library, used by Roxio products for burning optical discs. The PxEngine is also licensed by various 3rd-party software developers specializing in disc burning software. If the file is on the list of incompatible drivers, this would indicate that the version being used is an outdated one.


You will need to determine which disc burning program is using this PxEngine system file, then either uninstall it completely or reach out to the software developer for a version that is compatible with the Windows Core isolation feature.

If you have a Roxio product installed

If you have any Roxio software currently installed on your machine, then it is obviously the program using this file. Your Roxio product may be a legacy product that is no longer supported, thus had not received an updated version of PxHlpa64.sys. You will need to uninstall the legacy program and get one of our current products. Please proceed to our products page to find a specific program that suits your needs.

If you do not use any Roxio products

If you do not use any of our products, then you might have a 3rd-party burning software installed, such as the Panasonic HD Writer AE or PHOTOfunSTUDIO PE. Both of these software have disc burning capability and are usually bundled with Panasonic cameras. They are known to use the PxEngine library files. So if you have either (or both) of these software, uninstall them.

If you do not have any of the above-mentioned Panasonic software, you'll need to scan your system for other installed disc burning software. Determining which program is using PxHlpa64.sys will not be that easy if you have more than one disc burning program installed.

The best way to isolate the program is to:

  1. Go into c:\windows\system32\drivers. This is where you should see the PxHlpa64.sys file;
  2. Confirm that the PxHlpa64.sys file is there; 
  3. Once confirmed, uninstall one of your disc burning programs;
  4. Reboot your computer and go back to c:\windows\system32\drivers.

If the PxHlpa64.sys file is no longer there, then you're done. Go into the Core isolation panel again and try enabling Memory integrity again. It should now work.

If the PxHlpa64.sys file is still there, then repeat the steps for your other burning programs until you see that the file is no longer present.

If you want to continue using that disc burning program

If you still want to use the disc burning program you just uninstalled with Core isolation/Memory integrity enabled, you will have to reach out to the software developer for a compatible version of the program.


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