Roxio products and M-Disc Support

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Software support

The ability to burn to M-Disc is not really dependent on the burning software but on your optical disc drive (ODD) or disc burner. If your ODD supports burning to M-Disc, i.e., it bears the M-Disc certified logo, then your burning software will see the M-Disc as just another recordable DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Hardware support

Note that not all DVD writers support the M-Disc format. You need to make sure that it bears the M-Disc certified logo on it. Most Blu-ray writers, on the other had, even without the M-Disc certified log, will be able to support the M-Disc format. So to be sure it does, it would be best to look at this list prepared by Milleniata to see if your particular Blu-ray/DVD writer is supported.

While not all DVD or Blu-ray recorders can write to an M-Disc, any DVD/Blu-ray drive can read an M-Disc.

M-Disc FAQ

If you have more questions about M-Disc, kindly refer to this M-Disc FAQ.

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