Security vulnerabilities reported by the Zero Day Initiative (Oct. 25, 2022)

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On October 25, 2022, the Zero Day Initiative (“ZDI”) has publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite discovered by Zero Day Initiative researchers.


A Security Update is available for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2022, which fixes the vulnerabilities reported by the ZDI.

The Security Update is available for download from the CorelDRAW Updates & Patches page

Note that you can apply this Security Update only to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite September 2022 Update (24.2).

The Security Update is also available for CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2022 (24.2).

To minimize the risk of exploitation for older versions of CorelDRAW, please block the use of the following file format filters (for file import and file export): BMP, CGM, EMF, GIF, JP2, PCX, PDF. 

Support for these file formats can be blocked inside the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite applications by removing the corresponding entries in the ‘Options’ dialog > ‘Global...’ > ‘File Formats’ from the list of “Active filters”. See the screenshot below for GIF, JP2, PCX, and PDF as examples: 

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