Corel® VideoStudio® Pro 2023: Top Reasons to Buy

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Turn your best moments and life experiences into unique movies with Corel VideoStudio Pro, an easy and fun video editor packed with intuitive tools and creative effects. From basic trimming tools to custom titles, transitions, and multi-camera editing, the whole palette of handy features has been designed for you to create your best videos yet! 

Live life. Make movies.

  1. Capture your best moments
    Import your own clips, record your screen, or capture multi-camera videos with built-in tools to create your most engaging productions yet! With VideoStudio’s MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite application, capture webcam video and record your screen at the same time, or record dual screens simultaneously. Record video and audio in a single click and then seamlessly edit them together with multi-camera editing. Create catchy, multi-perspective movies with one easy-to-use recording software.
  2. Breeze through basic editing
    From basic trimming tools such as Slide and Slip, to easy selection tools, lens correction, and video stabilization, VideoStudio delivers a beginner-friendly, essential editing toolkit to tackle just about any basic task. Explore drag-and-drop timeline editing—crop, trim, resize, rotate, change aspect ratio, and correct imperfections—all to convert your footage into a polished production. Save time and jumpstart your projects with Instant Project Templates to recreate popular video styles in minutes and leverage inspiring themes like birthday, wedding, travel adventure, and more. Alternatively, start your editing with Highlight Reel, an AI-based slideshow and smart movie maker that automatically selects your best shots and clips, avoiding those with imperfections.
  3. Add an artistic touch
    Set the vibe and bring unique atmosphere to your clips with a whole palette of creative filters and effects—from Magnifying Glass and Old Film, to Ghost Motion and more. Enrich your video with various textures, gradients, and reflections. Boost colors, brighten scenes, and introduce accent colors to add mood and fantasy to your projects. Make everyone in your video look their best with Face Effects. Elevate your storytelling and bring some fun to your footage with animated AR Stickers, graphic elements and overlays, and unique GIFs created from your own content. Get trendy with the Painting Creator tool that records your brushstrokes as you paint, and then add those animated drawings to your videos—from faces, to map routes, and more. Explore all that VideoStudio has to offer and make your movies one-of-a-kind.
  4. Create titles just how you want them
    Make your videos more dramatic with a bright introduction title and on-screen captions that highlight important scenes—all with title editing. Play with the title fonts and colors to make them match the style and tone of your video. Animate your title selection based on the way it moves across the screen or specify the unique motion for each component of the title—there are no limits for creative realization. Save time creating subtitles with Speech to Text converter, a tool designed for quick and easy caption creation. Leverage built-in title presets or create your own unique custom titles, which you may save and reuse in future projects.
  5. Create smoother outcomes with transitions
    Streamline your video storytelling with all kinds of transitions. Use Fade to Black, Crossfade, Dissolve, or wipes of different angles and shapes to add interest instead of sharp video cuts. Jump to the next level and unlock creative customization through the Camera Movements transitions with motion blur, plus newly added transitions with Instant Color Change, Parallax, or Split effect—each of them contributes to a more modern video aesthetic.  Mimic impressive transitions from your favorite movies, create ones that blend scenes together, adjust them to look more natural or more dramatic—you decide the best way to add impact to your footage and make it look awesome.
  6. Add motion and dynamics
    Evoke drama in your storytelling with motion and speed effects.
    • Love illusions? Connect a sequence of individually captured frames with a Stop Motion Animation tool to create the illusion of objects moving independently. Stop motion animation is a truly unique style of video production that enables movie magic for the producer in all of us.
    • Play with speed transformations to bring Fast- and Slow-Motion effects to your movie, or emphasize critical moments with Pan and Zoom to keep your audience focused on the action at hand.
  7. Show more perspectives
    Express yourself from every angle!

    • Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras, then select the angle you want to show as your video plays, to keep your viewers intrigued. Add interest by presenting your best perspectives simultaneously with picture-in-picture effects, and edit further on the timeline combining up to 4 angles. 

    • Explore Split Screen Templates to combine multiple videos on screen.

    • Dive into a complete suite of 360° degree video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or music, and edit your 360° video on the timeline. Give your audience a unique perspective by controlling the angle of your 360° video. Add fun moments with Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects (spherical panoramas) using easy controls.

  8. Master your sound
    Support your visuals with an outstanding soundtrack! Import your own music or choose a track from Scorefitter, our royalty-free music library (500+ extra songs available with this new product version), for music that automatically adjusts to fit the length of your clip. It's easy to adjust, mute, and layer your audio directly in the timeline and quickly balance audio levels. Rely on built-in Audio Ducking to detect narration and clean the background noise to keep your voices sounding crisp and clear. Record your own narration with the built-in voiceover tools and add video subtitles. Make your video sound its best!

  9. Easily export and share
    With new VideoStudio 2023, enjoy the significantly enhanced rendering speed due to efficient leveraging and optimizing the hardware performance. VideoStudio continues to track the latest formats to maintain support for all popular media file types and devices. When your video is ready to share, convert it to one of many popular formats to view on your favorite device, upload to YouTube, or burn to DVD with more than 50 custom menu options.

  10. Explore our tutorials library to polish your skills
    Learn as you go and create impressive videos right from the start by tapping into the wide selection of tutorials available from our online Discovery Center, plus plenty of free content and learning materials inside the product Welcome section. Our extensive library of learning materials offers editing tips and tricks and project inspiration for everyone, from newbies to advanced users. Professional reviewers and users alike recognize VideoStudio as an excellent starting point to learn the essential techniques of video editing. Your purchase includes a 10-day, all-access pass to video tutorials, content, and more, from our friends at Intuitive tools and learning resources are proven to help you develop your skills, so each new movie is better than your last!

Create video challenges, gaming screen recordings, how-to videos, product demos, unpacking clips, presentations, and more to engage and grow your audience. From capturing to editing, VideoStudio Pro 2023 is easy-to-learn and fun-to-explore video editing software that delivers the tools you need to create show-stopping results.

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