Roxio: VideoWave crashes when rendering production using "Same as original" export profile

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Whenever you export your Videowave production using the Same as original profile, the program crashes.

The Make Movie dialog box showing the "Same As Original" export profile selected


If you have an older computer, you may have an aging graphics card with outdated device drivers. If a GPU model is discontinued, device driver updates are given only a limited run, afterwhich updates will no longer be available. Once driver updates are no longer available, compatibility issues will start becoming a problem for your newer programs that utilize your graphics card.


Check for updated device drivers

First of all, you will need to check the GPU manufacturer's website if they are offering updated device drivers for you to download and install. It is common practice these days for the manufacturer to offer an easy way to update your GPU drivers. That is, by giving you the option to download and install a utility that will automatically detect what kind of GPU model you have so it can search for the best device drivers version for it, and download and install it. Don't worry, they always give clear on-screen instructions on how to undertake this entire process.

There are currently only *three major players in the GPU manufacturing scene for the PC platform and you, most likely than not, have one of theirs on your system.

Check your user manual to find out which manufacturer you should be going to, and then click on the below links accordingly.

On the manufacturer support page, read the information carefully - it should indicate which button or link to click on that will download the utility to auto-detect your GPU device. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Select a compression format

If updated device drivers are no longer available for your specific GPU model, there is an available workaround for you to export your production - simply select one of the available compression formats in the Make Movie dialog box.

In our tests, selecting a specific compression format, such as MPEG-2 High Definition, and avoiding the Same as original profile altogether will allow you to successfully export the production with no issues. You will have a number of output resolutions to select from for each format. Simply select one that best fits your purposes.

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