Corel Support Policy

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Why are Corel products older versions no longer supported?

Corel periodically “retires” older versions of its software in order to focus our resources on developing and supporting newer versions.

Corel will generally provide support to customers for current versions of its software and up to two versions back.

When a version of Corel software is “retired”, live Technical Support is discontinued for that version.

Self-service support through the Knowledge Base and forums remain available.

To find out which Corel product versions are supported, visit the Currently Supported Corel Products page.

What about perpetual and legacy licenses?

Even though our "perpetual" licenses are in principle valid for an unlimited period of time, the technical progress of hardware and software may mean that these licenses cannot be used in practice to run older versions of the software for an unlimited period of time.

Also, because legacy licenses may not be compatible with new operating system versions or computers, in certain situations, upgrading to a current version of Corel products may be necessary to ensure safe operation.


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