Roxio: How to reset the Gracenote music database downloaded to my computer

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There will be times when you would mistakenly select the incorrrect album information for you audio CD through the built-in Gracenote CD recognition program, and you would like to reverse that action.


The first time you create an audio CD with your Roxio program, or insert one for ripping, the Gracenote CDDB music recognition program will automatically launch to retrieve possible album information matches for you to select from. 

Once album information has been selected for a particular audio CD and downloaded to your computer, this information will always be retrieved by your media player whenever you insert that audio CD in the form of artist name, track names, etc shown in the "currently playing" window. If the information you selected at the time the audio CD was created (or maybe ripped to digital files) is incorrect, you obviously would want to delete the existing information and retrieve the correct one. The problem is, once the information has been downloaded, you no longer are prompted to select album information the next time you insert that CD.


Not to worry, though, because you can still manually reset the Gracenote database so it again prompts you to select an album information match the next time you insert that audio CD.

The Gracenote database is contained in a file called `cddb.db` and it's normally found in the folder `C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\CDDB`, where `%user name%` is your account name on your computer. You may have to unhide hidden and system files in Windows to find that location.

An easier way to open the above folder path without having to unhide hidden items is to use the Run command (Windows key + R), then Enter the command %appdata%. Now, locate the Roxio\CDDB folder.

Deleting the cddb.db file will remove the record of all CDs that have been "recognized" by Gracenote on your machine, and your database will start again.

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