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Consider a scenario where you have a large PDF document that contains high-quality images and is ready for print. Despite its impressive visual appeal, it may be too large to attach to an email, making it difficult to transfer to another person. If you have multiple PDFs to send, the problem only compounds. While other transfer services are available, they may not be secure, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches. In such cases, it is advisable to compress the PDF file by using a zipping tool to reduce its size, making it easier and more secure to transfer via email.

What does it mean to zip a PDF file?

Zipping a PDF file is a kind of compression. Essentially, it means taking the data in the PDF and shrinking it down into a much smaller file while retaining as much of the original quality as possible. It makes sharing files much easier and faster, and uses much less space than the original file.

It’s the perfect way to convert a pack of PDFs down into a more manageable size, and zipped PDFs can even be password protected to make sure only specific people have access to them.

Is zipping a PDF file different from other files?

It’s not only PDF files that can be compressed into zips. Turning a PDF to a zip is much the same as zipping image files, video files, documents, or any other digital assets you want to compress.

One of the huge advantages of zip files is they can combine multiple different files into one single zip, making them much more accessible. So whether you want to compress one PDF into a smaller file, or gather multiple PDFs into one single zip file, it takes just moments if you use a file management software like WinZip.

Use WinZip to zip your PDF files

1. Open WinZip

2. Using WinZip's file pane, select the PDF file or multiple PDF files you want to compress.

3. Click Add to Zip.

4. Save the zip file in the location you want it to end up in.

WinZip will do the rest, combining multiple PDF files and compressing them down into one single, easy-to-use zip file. You can then easily attach the zipped PDFs to emails, send them via digital transfer, or simply archive them in a way that takes up much less space than they otherwise would.

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