How do I access / install the extra Clipart, Photos and Fonts that come with WordPerfect Office?

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WordPerfect Office has additional Clipart, Photos, and Fonts, which can be installed from the WordPerfect install program.


Installing Clipart, Photos, and Fonts

The clipart is included on the single disc you received but does not get installed by default, along with WordPerfect.  Here's how to install it:

  1. Close WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, and Presentations if any of these programs are open.
  2. If you purchased a physical disc with WordPerfect (If you received a download version, skip to step 3):
    1. Put the disc you received into the computer and browse it.
    2. Run the file on the disc to launch the setup.
  3. If you purchased a download of WordPerfect (If you received a physical disc, see step 2 above):
    1. Run the downloaded file (often named something like "WordPerfectOffice2021.exe" or "WordPerfectOffice2021" and wait a few moments for the main setup window to appear.
  4. Click on "Clipart, Photos, and Fonts" to start the installation:
  5. Once the installation is finished, reopen WordPerfect.
  6. Click on Insert > Graphics/Pictures > Clipart..., You will now see many more clipart items.  

Clipart and Photos

  1. Open WordPerfect
  2. Click Insert menu, Graphics, Clipart. Clip.
  3. Clipart will be on the Clipart tab.
  4. Photos will be on the Photos tab.


  1. Open WordPerfect and click Help, About WordPerfect. Note the Version number. The part before the first decimal is your Version number. Eg, for the Version number is 21.
  2. Open a file browser window.
  3. Browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents\WordPerfect Office\<Version>\Fonts\
    1. NOTE: Replace <Version> with the number you determined in step 1.
  4. Most fonts will be in the "OpenType - Latin" folder.
  5. Browse for the fonts you like and install them by double-clicking on the font, then clicking on Install if you like the font.
  6. Once done installing fonts, Save your work in WordPerfect, then close and reopen WordPerfect to see the fonts in WordPerfect

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