Will WinZip get deactivated if my computer has no access to the network?

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As outlined in KB 129877, WinZip Suite 76.5 and newer versions of WinZip use the new licensing mechanism to activate your copy of WinZip. When WinZip is activated with a new activation mechanism, the WinZip app on your computer calls the WinZip Accounts server once a day to update the subscription status.

What if my computer isn't connected to the network?

If WinZip app cannot reach the WinZip Accounts Server or the server is down, you should be able to continue using WinZip for 60 days from the last successful registration check. The app will warn you about this after 15, 30, and 45 days of inability to reach the server.

Clicking either Continue using WinZip or the caption bar X closes the dialog. WinZip will continue to execute normally.

After 60 days, WinZip reverts to trial mode, and you must sign in to continue using the app.

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