Unable to print from CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT to non-PostScript printers after updating to macOS Sonoma.

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The issue was also resolved for customers who purchased CorelDRAW 2023 as a one-time purchase. Download your update! 

This issue was fixed with the CorelDRAW 2024 release. Download your upgrade now

After upgrading to macOS Sonoma, non-PostScript printers don't print directly from CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT. 

macOS has removed the functionality for converting PostScript to PDF format. As a result, non-PostScript print queues no longer accept PostScript files from applications (including CorelDRAW and applications from other vendors). See macOS Sonoma 14 release notes: macOS Sonoma 14 RC Release Notes   


Our Engineering team is working on implementing new printing support for non-PostScript devices. To be notified of the final solution, subscribe to the article by clicking the Get Updates button. 

As a workaround, in CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT, do the following:

  1. PDF Method
    • Use File  >  Export To  >  PDF  >  Save using the desired output type and paper size. 
    • Go to the location that PDF file was saved to, open the PDF in the Mac Preview app and print the document from there. 
    • If the printer accepts PDF files natively (many do), send the PDF directly to the printer. 
  2. Driver method
    • Some manufacturers offer PostScript drivers as well as non-PostScript drivers for their printers. Go to the manufacturer's website to see if they offer one specifically for PostScript. If they do, install it for the specific model printer you have, and use it to print directly from CorelDRAW on macOS Sonoma.

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