Important product notice: changes for CorelCAD and transition to the ARES CAD Software

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As of January 9, 2024, CorelCAD™ and CorelCAD Mobile reached the end of sales.

CorelCAD users with a Perpetual license can rest assured, they can still use their version of CorelCAD as normal and will still be able to access technical support from Alludo for the foreseeable future. However, Alludo is encouraging CorelCAD users to explore an alternative ARES CAD software solution for ongoing support and new releases.

CorelCAD was built on ARES CAD technology by our German development partner, Graebert. As such, Graebert would like to offer you an easy transition to their ARES CAD software — powered by the same engine as CorelCAD.

Read more below about ARES CAD software and the transition offer from Graebert.

Any currently active (monthly or annual) subscriptions are maintained until their expiry. Renewals are not possible from this point on which means the last (annual) subscriptions will terminate in a year not later than January 9, 2025.

Following this announcement, CorelCAD™ isn't listed on, or any of the app stores.

CorelCAD 2023 will reach the end of support life on Dec 31, 2025.

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