Transfer WinZip to another computer

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Transferring WinZip Suite 

To transfer WinZip Suite to a new computer, the steps are pretty straightforward:

  1. Uninstall WinZip from the old computer.
  2. Download WinZip Suite installer by logging in to Suite Portal.
  3. Install WinZip Suite on the other computer.
  4. Register WinZip Suite as outlined in KB 129877

Transferring a perpetual version of WinZip 

These instructions are specific to WinZip perpetual licenses, however, similar steps can be taken with other WinZip applications.

Before transferring WinZip

Foremost, you should record or obtain your registration information. Here are two ways to find the information:

Transferring your application

  1. Uninstall WinZip from the old computer.
  2. Download and install the correct WinZip version on the other computer.
  3. Register WinZip using the information you recorded.

Note: Registration codes are specific to a particular WinZip version. Older versions of WinZip can be downloaded from the Legacy Download Links page.

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