WinZip Universal User Guide

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WinZip Universal gives you the power of WinZip on any Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, tablet, or phone. This easy to use subscription app also provides more sharing options than ever to safely handle large files on the go. With WinZip Universal you can open a wide variety of common archives to view and/or extract their contents. You also can create or edit, and then save Zip and Zipx files. Cloud and sharing services are available; encrypting and decrypting with strong AES encryption is an option, and you can even use Cortana to issue vocal commands and WinZip will respond. Please see the links below or scroll down this page for more detailed information.


If you have not already installed WinZip Universal, you will need to open the Windows Store and use Search to find WinZip. In the results, if there are multiple entries, you will want to choose the one that looks like the graphic at the top of this article (the background color in the store will vary with your theme settings). You can also use this link to the Windows Store.

WinZip Universal in the Windows Store

After you tap or click the button saying Free, WinZip will be available for you to use at no charge for the evaluation period (20 days). At the end of the evaluation period, if you wish to continue using WinZip, you will need to tap or click Subscribe in window that displays. The subscription period is one year.

When WinZip first opens, it will display as a large, square window. This window can be resized or maximized and will open in whatever size you set the next time you use it.


The menu button at the top left of the WinZip Universal window gives you access to standard file menu features, two settings entries, and two information buttons. You may want to configure settings before using WinZip. These settings buttons are Accounts and Zip Strength.

Settings in the WinZip Universal menu

Tabs and Buttons

The WinZip Universal interface provides various options in the form of tabs and buttons at the top of the app. The features that are available dynamically change. For example, the following picture shows the Create/Edit tab when WinZip is opened empty. This tab is the default position when you open WinZip.

Create/Edit tab; WinZip is empty

You can see that Add files, Add folder, and New folder are available as each of these are actions you can take while in an empty Zip file. The Encrypt button is also available, but is off by default. When you open a Zip file, the Share button becomes available. The Rename and the Delete buttons will only be available if you have selected on or more of the files in a Zip file. The picture below shows an open Zip file with one of its files selected and all of the buttons active.

Zip file open in WinZip with a file selected

A description of each tab and the buttons at the top of WinZip Universal follows:

Create/Edit tab

Unzip tab

Select tab

View tab

Menu button

This button is at the top left of the WinZip display and will offer the following items in a menu when clicked:

Select Mode button

This button is at the top right of the WinZip display. It works in the same way as the Select Mode button in the Select tab. This button allows you to quickly turn the select mode on or off, regardless of what tab is currently on.

Additional Features

File formats

With WinZip Universal you can create, open, unzip, save, and/or edit Zip files and Zipx files. You can also open and unzip files from the following other formats: .RAR, .7z, .GZ, .BZ, .BZ2, .CAB, .ISO, .LHA, .LHZ, .B64, .BHX, .HQX, .MIM, .TAR, .TAZ, .TBZ, .TBZ2 .TGZ, .TZ, .UU, .UUE, .XXE, and .Z

Drag and Drop

WinZip Universal allows the use of drag and drop to:

Cortana commands

When Cortana is enabled saying or typing a command will perform an action in WinZip. For this to work, you must begin the command with WinZip or end the command with using WinZip. To see a list of examples, click in the Cortana text box, click the question mark in the menu on the left, scroll to the bottom, and click WinZip.

Here are a few examples:

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