How to capture or import Media into Studio

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This FAQ will cover how to get video into Studio 12.1 either through the capture or import features of the software. Depending on your video device you with either capture or import the video. We also have a video Tutorial. Click hereto view it.


Studio 12.1 brings video in through multiple tools (1) the capture interface, (2) the DVD import tool and (3) the Import Media tool. In Studio click on the Capture tab to view a dialog box that will help you chose the right tool for the video device you are working with.


If you have one of the following video devices, DV, HDV, Hi-8, Regular 8, or a VCR then you will use this button to bring your video into Studio. If you have a DV or HDV camcorder you will connect this to a 1394 (firewire port) on the computer. If the video device is analog (i.e. Hi-8, Regular 8, Camcorder or VCR) then you will also need to connect it to the computer via a capture device as listed below:

(Note: Studio does not support third party capture devices that capture in MPEG, and may not work with non Pinnacle capture devices that do AVI or other types of capture)

For more information on how to capture using the capture interface (the Videotape or Video source button on the Capture dialog box above) click here

For more information on the settings in the capture window click here


If you have a camcorder or still camera that saves video to a hard drive, memory card or DVD then use this button. Some examples are below:

For more information on how to bring in Media from a Disk or card click here

This last button is used when importing non copywrited Video DVDs. Here are some examples:

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