Playing DVD s on your computer

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To play a DVD on a Window's based computer, the following items are required a:

If you have Windows XP, it does not have a DVD decoder built in, so you will need to go to the Microsoft site and read their FAQ on this topic.

If you have Windows Vista, it does include a DVD decoder, so Media Player will play a DVD.

Many customers may want to use DVD player software for a better playback experience. There is free, shareware, trialware DVD and commercial/retail player software available on the Internet. We do not recommend any particular player but do recommend you get one that suits your needs and budget.

Troubleshooting playing a DVD on your computer

If you have a DVD created by Studio that will not play on your computer, try the following:

  1. If you just burned the disc with Studio and are trying to read the disc when Studio is still running. Please make sure that you first close Studio before reading your disc.
  2. Use Windows Explorer to check that there are folders and files on the DVD and that it is not blank.

If it has files on it, then it should play
If there are no files on it and it is in a DVD drive, then the disc may not have burned correctly in Studio and we recommend you click here to see the Burn FAQ.

  1. Make sure that your version of Windows has a DVD decoder (see above)
  2. Try to play a commercial DVD on the computer. If it will not play, then a DVD created by Studio also will not play.
  3. Play the disc in another computer or in a stand-alone DVD drive. If the DVD plays in other drives, then the issue is most likely with the computer and you need to contact your computer vendor's Technical Support.


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