Adjusting the write speed in Creator

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There are various reasons and solutions that can create lower write speeds in your CD/DVD burner.

  1. Here's how to change the default write speed preference in Easy Media Creator:
    • Launch your Creator Suite.
    • After Home launches, select Tools --> Options...(NOTE: this will be available in other version 8 applications as well)
    • In the Options window, click on Advanced under theGeneraloption.
    • In the Select Drive Speed pane, you will have the option to select your writer (if you have more than one drive installed) and the burn speeds for CD or DVD burning. Note: If the DVD option is not available, your drive may not support DVD writing.
  2. You could have a recognition or some other basic issue your burner that is prohibiting the maximum burn speed. For more information to trouble shoot your burner read the article You have a general issue burning your disc.


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