No audio when using Easy VHS to DVD products

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No audio when using Easy VHS to DVD products

When I try to capture video and audio from my VCR to my computer using Easy VHS to DVD products, I am not getting any audio. I cannot hear the audio from the VHS tape on my computer, either when previewing or capturing. Even when I play back the recorded capture, there is no audio.

This is often caused by an incorrect setting in your windows sound mixer properties. You will need to set the default recording device to the "Line - Roxio Video Capture USB".

Windows Vista/7
Open the Windows Mixer settings, by right-clicking on the speaker located on the bottom right of your desktop, next to the clock. Select "Recording devices".


Next, you will need to click on the "Recording" tab, and click on "Line - Roxio Video Capture USB", then click on the "Set Default" button. Next, click on "Apply" then click on "OK".


Note: It is recommended you exit out of VHS to DVD, and restart the computer.


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