Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (Mac): How to Completely Uninstall

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Easy VHS to DVD for Mac: Complete Uninstall

If the “Quick” version of the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac uninstall procedure does not fix the issue you are facing, a more thorough cleanup might be needed. This uninstall procedure involves more advanced steps that may not be recommended if you are a casual macOS user, and are not comfortable digging into hidden areas of your operating system. If this is the case, we advise reaching out to a more advanced user for assistance, or contact Technical Support.

If you have not tried performing the Quick uninstall procedure yet, we advise trying that first. You can go directly to that article by clicking here .


To start the procedure, open the Applications folder and trash the "VHS to DVD" folder. This contains the following apps:

1. Roxio Video


Open "Macintosh HD", then press Command + Shift + Period (yes, the dot) to reveal hidden files and folders.


Once hidden files and folders have been revealed (with a grayed out look), proceed with the instructions below.


Folders have been indicated by a starting and ending forward slash (/) so as not to confuse them with individual files.

I - Caches

Navigate the following directory path and delete the specified files or folders, as indicated:

/private/var/db/BootCaches/F65089F5-29BF-4B10-8598-90C712056BBB/ (this hexadecimal folder may look different per user)



2. com.roxio.vhstodvd.VHStoDVD.pkg.plist


1. /com.roxio.Roxio-Video-Capture/ - delete. Contains the ff:

   a) . Cache.db
   b) . Cache.db-shm
   c) . Cache.db-wal

 /Users/roxio_support/Library/Saved Application State/

1. /com.roxio.Toast15.MyDVD.savedState/ - delete. Contains the ff:

  a) .
  b) .
  c) .
  d) . windows.plist
  e) . may contain additional files

 II - Preferences

Navigate the following directory path and delete the specified files or folders, as indicated:


1. com.roxio.MyDVD.plist
2. com.roxio.Roxio-Video-Capture.plist
3. com.roxio.Toast15.MyDVD.plist
4. "Roxio Toast Prefs" file
5. /Rovi Preferences/ - delete. Contains a "Roxio Video Capture Preferences" file

 After you have completed the procedure above, press Command + Shift + Period once again for the system files and folders to revert to their hidden state. Be sure you do this to protect them from accidental deletion that may lead to serious system issues.

Reboot your Mac and re-install Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. You may download the latest version here.

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