No images are being displayed when inserting into the media tray - Paintshop Photo Project Creator

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When trying to insert images in the media tray, no images are displayed in the folder.


1.   Close the PaintShop Photo Pro Project Creator
2.   Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-click on the Taskbar and then click Task Manager)
3.   Click on the "Processes" tab
4.   Highlight the following processes and click the End Task button:
       - MetadataMgr.exe
       - MLEMonitor.exe
       - RtDevDetector.exe
5.   Click on the START button:

Windows XP

Click on Run
1.  Type %appdata%
2.  Click OK or press the Enter button on the keyboard

Windows Vista / 7
1.  Click All Programs
2.  Click Accessories
3.  Click Run
4.  Type %appdata%
5.  Click OK or press the Enter button on the keyboard
6.  You are now in the application data folder.
7.  Open the folder "Corel" and then the folder "Digital Studio".)
8.  Delete these files:
9.  Start the Project Creator, and check that you can now select images for the media tray.

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