How to Create your own Picture Tubes in Paintshop Pro X6

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PaintShop Pro offers a variety of ways to create stunning images and enhance your photos. The Picture Tube tool allows you to stamp a graphic onto your image with a single click, or even spray a number of graphics to create a streamer effect. For example,you can place butterflies and beetles over a picnic setting, or frame a picture with a stream of flowers. PaintShop Pro offers a collection of Picture Tubes, but also allows you to create your own.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create custom Picture Tubes that you can use to enhance your photos. Let's get started!

Step 1 - Gather Your Materials

Step 2 - Remove Background

Step 3 - Combine Images

1. Image Dimension - set the width and height of the canvas or image. This will determine the total number of Picture Tubes in the image. For this example, set the Width to 600 pixels and Height to 400 pixels.

2. Image Characteristics - select Raster Background as the layer type; Color depth of either 8 bits/channel or 16 bits/channel and enable the Transparent check box.

Step 4 - Export as PSPTube

1. Cell arrangement - enter the number of cells across and down. Set the value of these fields to match the arrangement of images. In this example, the Cells Across field will be set to 3 and the Cell Down field to 2. The Total Cells field will then match the number of images placed in the tube file.

2. Placement options - just select the default options for this Picture Tube as you can change these options when applying the Picture Tube.

3. Tube name - enter the file name of the Picture Tube.

Step 5 - Using Picture Tubes

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