“No Image Preview” or blank preview on Manage workspace in PaintShop Pro X4

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Picture thumbnails preview properly on the Organizer palette, yet when an image is selected it gives a blank preview under the Manage workspace.

Please Note: Before proceeding with the workaround, make sure that the graphics/video card has the most updated driver installed in the computer.

*Issue usually occurs on Windows 7 operating system due to Desktop Composition or known as Windows Aero feature*

How to fix:

  1. Right click on “PaintShop Pro X4” shortcut
  2. Select “Properties” then  go to “Compatibility” tab
  3. Check the box that says, “Disable desktop composition”
  4. Press “Apply” button and click on "OK"
  5. Reboot or refresh desktop (F5) and re-launch the program

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