WordPerfect: What to do if Print dialog stays at "Initializing..." or WordPerfect unexpectedly pauses/freezes

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In rare cases, WordPerfect may freeze, showing an "Initializing" message in the Print dialog when you click on Print. 

This can often be resolved by telling WordPerfect to only initialize the printer which is being actively used. Here's how:
  1. Restart the computer to make sure there are no WordPerfect processes running in the background.
  2. On the keyboard, press Windows key + R. Type regedit in the Open box and click on OK.
  3. Click on the + next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  4. Click on the + next to Software.
  5. Click on the + next to Corel.
  6. Click on the + next to PrintEngine
  7. Click on the + next to your version of WordPerfect (X9 is 19, 2020 is 20, and so on)
  8. Click on the + next to Timeouts
  9. In the right-hand columns, double click on InitAllPrintersInBackground
  10. Change the 1 to a 0 (Zero) and press enter.
  11. Close RegEdit
  12. Retry WordPerfect

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