How to use VSX4's Instant Project Templates in VSPX5 e g Positive Vibes and Daily Romance Template Pack

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To access Corel VideoStudio Pro X4's Instant Project Templates In Corel VideoStudio Pro X5:


1.In VSPX4, create a new project;

2.Go to Instant Project Template;

3.Select the template that you would like to access in VSPX5;

4.Insert it to Timeline and add it at the beginning;

5.Once the template has been inserted in the timeline, go to File >> Export as template;

6.Save this template as new template (e.g. "for VSPX5");

7.Close VSXP4, launch VSPX5.

8.In VSPX5, go to Instant Project Library and click on the "Import a project template";

9.Browse and select the exported template from VSXP4;

10.The imported template in VSPX5 will be added in the Custom category of Instant Project Library.

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