Painter: Crashes Immediately at startup on Windows

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After a successful installation of Painter, Painter Essentials, or ParticleShop on a Windows based system, there are some times when the applications will not launch and result in a crash.



There are three (3) overall reasons why this would happen.

1) Wacom drivers are out of date

2) There is a problem with the Workspace

3) The installation is broken / damaged


1) Wacom drivers are out of date

(Windows 8 / 10)

When asked to reboot, please do so

(Windows 7)

When asked to reboot, please do so

When Windows returns, launch your application. If the application launches with no crash, visit the Wacom Website to obtain the latest driver / software for your tablet (*

2- There is a problem with the workspace

If a crash occurs, as you launch Painter 2016, hold the SHIFT key down on your keyboard, and select All Workspaces.




3 - Installation is broken or damaged

In some cases a faulty installation can cause immediate crashes, due to improperly configured modules, missing files, or other abnormalities. As described in Part One, for removing the Wacom software, repeat this process and select the program; either Painter, Painter Essentials or Particleshop.

If for any reason you are unable to use the Programs and Features to remove the program, please see the specific article for manual removal instructions

ParticleShop:  How to manually remove ParticleShop from Windows

Painter 2017:  How to manually remove Painter 2017 from Windows

Painter Essentials 5:  How to manually remove Painter Essentials 5 from Windows

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