Using Image Adjustment Lab

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Using preview modes in Image Adjustment Lab

When working with files that have poor color balance and contrast, you need to use many different tools to make adjustments. You can save valuable time by using the Image Adjustment Lab, which is accessible from both Corel PHOTO-PAINT® and CorelDRAW®. By uniting the most important manual and automatic controls required for common color and tone corrections, the Image Adjustment Lab offers a fast, intuitive way to achieve professional results with your image files.

With the Image Adjustment Lab, you can use different preview modes for evaluating the color and tone adjustments you make. You can preview the corrected image in a single window, view the original and corrected images in separate windows, or view the image split into original and corrected portions within one window.

The Image Adjustment Lab also lets you create snapshots of your adjustments with just one click. The snapshots appear below the working preview, which lets you easily compare each snapshot against the original version and then choose the best result.

The preview mode buttons (A) and the Create Snapshot button (B)

To open the Image Adjustment Lab

Do one of the following:

To preview the corrected image in a single window

To view the original and corrected images in separate windows

To view original and corrected portions of an image in one window

To capture the current version of your image

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