Roxio Creator NXT 8: Error Code 1011 On Launching Creator NXT 8

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Getting Error 1011 - “You do not appear to be a registered user. Please re-install the application or call customer support with error code 1011”


Incorrect setup method or corrupted JSON file


When you attempt to launch Creator NXT 8 (either Standard or Pro versions) and an error window comes up saying “You do not appear to be a registered user. Please re-install the application or call customer support with error code 1011”, regardless of whether you have already previously registered the product or not, this most likely means that you did not properly install the software package.


This article applies to the entire Creator NXT family of products that came out since 2017 onward. Namely:

The actual error message will immediately appear upon double-clicking on the Creator NXT 8 shortcut icon on your desktop, where normally you would get the blue or orange (depending on your version) Creator NXT 8 splash screen.


The error is baffling to many users, especially when they know that their copy of the software has already been registered earlier. So what causes this error message? There are two possible answers:

  1. The product was not installed the way it should have been;
  2. The registration file somehow got deleted or corrupted.


The proper way to install the product

Going into more detail on the first point, there are two ways to install Creator NXT 8, but only one correct way. The correct way is by installing the product using what is called the “stub installer”.


The stub installer looks like this:

Using the stub installer, has everything covered, from registering the product and associating it with the computer it is currently installed on, to installing all (or selected) component packages. It is in the former where the problem can occur. The installer stub saves all registration information to a file on your computer, named “userData.json”. This file is created only when you use the installer stub to install the product. Which brings us to the second way of installing the product, which leads to the problem. That is, by running the “setup.exe” file located in the Creator NXT 8 installer folder.

You might see only a file named “setup” (instead of “setup.exe”) if you do not have the “File name extensions” option box checked, as shown in the screenshot below.


If you used the setup.exe file to install NXT 8, although it would install the software, that method would not get you through the registration process and would therefore not create the afore mentioned userData.json file, and you thus end up with an error 1011. So, to avoid the error, you need to install (or reinstall) the product using the stub installer.

Corrupted or missing registration file

Moving on to the next point, a corrupted or missing registration file (i.e., userData.json file) can also cause the 1011 registration error message. Regardless of whatever caused the corruption, or how it went missing (accidental deletion, antivirus software blocking the file, etc.), would have the same effect as the first point made.

The userData.json file is located in C:\ProgramData\Corel\StubFramework\Creator. The “ProgramData” folder is a hidden folder, which you would not normally be able to see, unless you have the “Hidden items” option box checked, as shown in the screenshot below.


Once in the “Creator” folder of the directory path, you should see a number of subfolders named “19.0” (NXT 6), “20.0” (NXT 7), or “21.0” (NXT 8), depending on which versions of Creator NXT you currently have installed, or installed in the past.



If you have any of the other Roxio products installed (noted at the beginning of this article) and are getting the 1011 error, you will not have a “Creator” folder but a different one. Please be guided accordingly:


Opening the version number folder will reveal the userData.json file.


Whether the folder or file is present or not, if you are getting the 1011 error, you need to delete the version number folder and run through the installer stub again (see previous section, “The proper way to install the product”) in order to recreate or refresh the data file. Once done, try launching Creator NXT 8 again – it should come up properly now.

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