How to Install Corel PDF Fusion

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How to Install Corel PDF Fusion

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1. Click on this link to download the installation file for PDF Fusion:

2. Browse to the downloaded file and run it.

3. When the screen below appears, read, and review the license agreement carefully. Then click "I accept the terms in the license agreement"

4. Click "Next"

5. Enter your username. This name will be put into the PDF Files you create as the creator's name.

6. If you have a serial number, click "I have a serial Number" and enter it in the Serial number field.

6a. If you do not have a serial number, click "I do not have a serial number and want to try the product"

7. Click Next

8. Click Next without changing the folder.

9. Wait for the installation to complete

10. When the installation is complete, click "Register your product," then click "Exit".

Final upload screen. Click Register product, then Exit.

11. Your web browser will open with the Corel registration website. If you have a account, sign into it on the right. If you do not have an account, create one using the left-hand column:

Sign in on the right or create an account on the left

12. You will see a confirmation screen with your serial number. Your serial number is underlined in the image below:

13. PDF Fusion is now installed and can be found in your start menu. Enjoy!

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