Zip Tab

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The Zip tab provides the tools that you will want to use when creating WinZip files. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Select WinZip File Type

Use the provided buttons to have WinZip switch file creation type immediately from Zip File to Zipx File or vice versa. Starting with WinZip 26.0 you can also configure WinZip to use any of the 4 Zip file compression methods or if you have chosen Zipx, you will have an additional 6 compression methods you may choose.


The Filters drop-down menu provides options for filtering the files being added to your Zip file. The default is all files with none of the options turned on. You edit the default to change that action if you want, or you can select a previously created filter. The available actions are:

The Include and Exclude filter types will be available when you are creating or editing. You also can select any of the following options:

Modify Files When Adding to Zip

There are three types of conversions available here. You may use some or none of them. They are:

Add to Zip

Click the Files and Folders button in this section and WinZip's Super Picker dialog, allowing you to find files to add from local, network, and cloud service locations. The super picker dialog also will have a drop-down menu for the button at the bottom, so that you can choose the default Add or Freshen, Move, or Update.

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