All documents in a folder (and/or sub-folders) give a read-only message when opened.

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All files in a folder or sub-folders give a read-only warning when opened for editing


File system permissions are set incorrectly


  1. Browse to the folder containing the documents
  2. Right click on the background of the folder (not on a file) and choose “Properties” from the context menu
  3. Ensure “Read-only” is unchecked on the General tab
  4. Click the Security tab
  5. Select “Authenticated Users”
  6. All items except “Full control” should be checked under Allow.
  7. If they are not all checked:
    1. Click Edit
    2. Click Add
    3. Type “Everyone” in the box and click “Check names”
    4. Click OK
    5. Under “Allow”, Check everything except Full Control and Special Permissions.
    6. Click Apply, then OK
    7. Click OK

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