How to register WinZip software with a registration code

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If entering a registration code does not apply to you (e.g. you have an activation code or a multi-user license) the articles below may help:

How to register WinZip software using an activation code
How to register WinZip software using a registration file

Each set of instructions below assumes you have installed the correct major version of the appropriate application. The instructions are specific to the latest versions, but will be similar for earlier versions. Registration information for one major version will also register a minor upgrade (or vice versa), but it will not register another major version. For example, a registration code provided for WinZip 11.0 will also work with WinZip 11.1 and WinZip 11.2. However, a registration for WinZip 18 will NOT work with WinZip 19 or WinZip 17.

When entering registration information, we recommend that you copy the code provided and paste it into the appropriate box.

Specifically for WinZip, if you have entered your name and code correctly, but you see a message saying Incomplete or incorrect information, open the appropriate applet in the Control Panel for uninstalling programs and check to see which version of WinZip is installed. If you find a different major version is installed, download and install the correct WinZip version.

Entering your WinZip registration code

  1. Double click the WinZip shortcut on the desktop (open WinZip)
  2. The registration reminder dialog will open
  3. Important: Enter your name and registration code EXACTLY as they appear on your registration acknowledgment email
    WinZip Registration Reminder dialog
  4. Click Register - You should now be registered

Entering your WinZip Courier registration code

  1. Click Register WinZip Courier



Entering your WinZip Self-Extractor registration code

  1. Open WinZip Self-Extractor



To use Copy and Paste:

  1. Place your cursor at the beginning or end character of your code (in your email message or on a webpage)
  2. Click and hold your left mouse button and drag the cursor to the last character on the other end; this will cause the code to be highlighted
  3. Press CTRL+C on your keyboard to Copy the code
  4. Click in the box where the code must be entered and press CTRL+V on your keyboard to Paste the code there

If you have difficulty with your registration or questions about this information, please submit a registration Detailed Search ticket and specify the problem in the Additional Information field at the bottom.

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